Capla-Con 2008 – Game Descriptions


Original RPG Scenarios by Bryan Caplan


No preregistration for Caplan RPGs.  Scenarios will be run by popular demand.


1.  “Punctuated Equilibrium” – Hero System (Post-Apocalyptic Hero)


Description: The time: Today. The place: Washington DC. The event: The end of the world. Play a seemingly ordinary DC resident (dentist, street punk, Senator's daughter, or Secret Service agent) facing the collapse of civilization. Try to stay alive. Rise to the occasion.  You'll discover that you're anything but ordinary.




2.  “Fences Around the Law” – Hero System (Champions)


Description: The government of Israel needs your help.  The Mossad has confirmed that – during the December 2006 International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust – the Israeli anti-Zionist superhuman Jeremiad secretly met with Islamist superhuman Plutonium Jihad in a Tehran coffee house.  The Mossad’s supercomputer now predicts an imminent coordinated attack by these two enemies of Israel – and adds that the Druze, the Holy Land’s most prominent superhuman defender, is probably not strong enough to resist them.  But is Israel’s mysterious new Prime Minister giving you the full story?




3.  “Juche” – Hero System (Horror Hero)


Description: Gritty terror at the local high school. The principal, a math teacher, a cheerleader, and a drug dealer try to survive the day and make sense of the tragic mystery that overwhelms them.  Rated R for violence and disturbing themes.




4.  “The Law of Unintended Consequences.” – Hero System (Champions)


Description: The Liberator, a nigh-invulnerable American libertarian superhuman, has issued an ultimatum to the leaders of France: Open your borders or die.  Together with his sidekick Tyrannicide, he’s already finished off the entire French League – France’s mightiest team of superheroes.  Can you save the land of the Tri-color from neo-liberal megalomania before its terrified politicians capitulate?  If you fail, can anyone predict the consequences?



5.  “Today 6%; Tomorrow the World!” –  Pandaemonium


Description:  Paranormal tabloid journalists try to unravel the mysterious persistence of high real estate commissions.

6. "The Prophet of Intelligence." –  Pandaemonium.  
Description: Paranormal tabloid journalists investigate the strange fate of famed scientist James Watson.




Original LARP and Historical Miniatures by Bill Dickens


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1.  “Destination Unknown.” – Pulp-era Live Action Role-Playing (LARP)


Description: “As for the genre and rules system it will be 1939 pulp with pregen characters only.  The rules are homebrew, extremely simple, and will be taught.”


2.  "Turning Point North Atlantic: The Attack on Convoy OB293" – Historical Miniatures


Description: A wolfpack including two of Germany's top U-boat aces take on a lightly defended convoy with disastrous results for the Germans. 
What would have happened if you were in command? (Up to 8 players)


3.  “Hitler’s Carriers” – Historical Miniatures

Description: Hitler didn't think much of the German Navy. What if he had? In this game a much upscaled German navy attempts to stop the Brits from reinforcing North Africa in early 1941.  
(Need two dedicated players for a long period of time. Any number of others either all the time or on and off.)