Personality, Politics, and Economics Test
by Prof. Bryan Caplan

Department of Economics
George Mason University

This is the Personality, Politics, and Economics Test. At some point, I'd like to administer this to a national random sample, but for now I'm just in an exploratory phase.

Once I've got a hundred or so respondents, I'll add a page analyzing the results. Enjoy.

  1. What is your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?
    If you don't know, please take 10 minutes to take the Myers-Briggs personality test now. Then come back and complete my test.

  2. In politics today, do you consider yourself a...?
    Reform party member

  3. Would you say that your views in most political matters are...?
    very liberal
    very conservative

  4. What is your race?

  5. What is your age?

  6. What is your sex?

  7. If you added together the yearly incomes, before taxes, of all the members of your household for the last year, 1999, would the total be...?
    $10,000 or less
    $150,000 or more

  8. What is the last grade or class that you COMPLETED in school?
    None, or grade 1-8
    High school incomplete (grades 9-11)
    High school graduate (grade 12 or GED certificate)
    Business, technical, or vocational school AFTER high school
    Some college, no 4-year degree
    College graduate (B.S., B.A., or other 4-year degree)
    Post-graduate training or professional schooling after college (e.g. towards a master's degree or Ph.D.; law or medical school)

    Regardless of how well you think the economy is doing, there are always some problems that keep it from being as good as it might be. Here is a list of reasons some people have given for why the economy is not doing better than it is. For each one, please say if you think it is a major reason the economy is not doing better than it is, a minor reason, or not a reason at all.

    Reason Major reason Minor reason Not a reason at all
    Taxes are too high
    The federal deficit is too big
    Foreign aid spending is too high
    There are too many immigrants
    There are too many tax breaks for business
    Education and job training are inadequate
    Too many people are on welfare
    Business profits are too high
    Technology is displacing workers
    Companies are sending jobs overseas
    Companies are downsizing

  9. Are you a professional economist?
    Yes - undergraduate econ major
    Yes - some graduate econ training
    Yes - Ph.D. economist

Some question wordings and questions have been borrowed from the Survey of Americans and Economists on the Economy produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation.